Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homemade Praise Dance Uniforms


By Manuel Morini

My wife was born on 13 June. This was the thirteenth edition of the Premio Clarín de Novela. Channel 13 is the signal multimedia air. Amezaga Torres, I applied pseudonym, has 13 characters. The admission number of the novel was 213. Unfortunately
'm not Pythagorean. I knew these unintended but not reach flowering matches. The fate ended to make way for the decision of three personalities illustrated, lucid and creative. Edgardo Cozarinsky , Rosa Montero and Juan Cruz Ruiz , chose "The other beach" like winning novel. Gustavo
Nielsen, the author is not only an architect, but a seasoned writer with numerous published books and literary competitions veteran runner.
I remember, even when on 97, Nielsen dared to complain to Editorial Planeta Argentina, feeling manipulated by the competition to learn that day that, presumably, the novel that won "Plata Quemada" in Piglia , I was hired and was handed the award to give the accolade. What is relevant is won. I wondered then if Nielsen would not be on the verge of becoming a "cursed" of literary contests. You see no.
The first mention went to Mary Agnes Krimer, winner of Emecé 2009. Another treadmill. To recognize between people imagined it as a guest. You see no.
"Let them come to get me", my novel is a thriller political. Some chronic quite a farce. As a mechanism inherent in this genre, puts the microscope on vices and human contradictions. The actants a farce, as subjects, symbolize his social group to change or be modified by their historical context.
In "I come seeking" something about it. Hopefully, he read it, if anyone ever does, as much as I laugh when I wrote it.
Despite the convoluted numerological coincidence , if there was a spark of magic. Or, rather, synchrony Deepak Chopra type. Was to discover that Néstor Barron, friend for twenty years, was also one of ten finalists to " Jazz." We confess that upon hearing the news, both prefer to silence to avoid raising false expectations. We gain nothing. Moreover, seven of the ten did not win anything. As the lawyer said C oca Cola : followed participate and win .


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